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Pixel Car Racer Cheats – Crates and Diamonds Hack

Pixel Car Racer is a retro-styled drag racing game, which brings a unique racing gameplay to users on iOS and Android platform. The game features three different difficulty modes, which are beginner, amateur and expert. These modes are designed in such a way that even a casual player can enjoy the gameplay easily. The game features single player races where you can compete against a computer or you can also choose to face real-time opponents in multiplayer game mode. Below mentioned are some of the important aspects of the game that you should know if you wish to play Pixel Car Racer!



Pixel Car Racer Currencies:


It is the main game currency, which can be used to buy different custom parts in order to upgrade your cars. You can earn Cash by taking part in both single player and multiplayer races. However, the amount of Cash earned depends on the choice of difficulty; as higher the difficulty, higher will be the rewards. Earning enough Cash by winning races is a daunting process so some gamers end up purchasing Cash from the game store. A better alternative is to use Pixel Car Racer Hack, which will provide the required amount of Cash and that too in an instant.


It is the secondary game currency, which can be used to unlock special edition cars. You need to have lots of Diamonds in the game as cars are the only way to achieve success in Pixel Car Racer. Earning Diamonds is not easy in the game, as it is awarded only on winning tournaments and that too in limited quantities. So, you can either choose to spend money on buying Diamonds or make use of Pixel Car Racer Cheats. By using the hacking tool, you can easily get Diamonds within a few seconds. In short, Pixel Car Racer Cheats will help you in getting the fastest cars and upgrades since you can acquire unlimited amount of in-game currencies by using it.

Significant Features Of Pixel Car Racer Game:

Race Modes:

The game features different game modes, which are Drag Race, Street Mode and Capture The Flag Mode. Each game mode offers a unique experience to the gamers. Drag Mode mainly focuses on speed management and gear shifting. So, if you focus on these two things then winning in the game would become easier. In street mode, you have to concentrate on the incoming vehicles as race takes place on roads with lots of traffic. Capture The Flag Mode focuses on capturing and maintaining the flag for the maximum time, and the player who holds the flag for utmost time wins!

Different Cars And Car Parts:

You can choose from over hundreds of cars, which the game offers and select the best ones for yourself. Remember that your garage can accommodate only six vehicles at a time. Each of these cars can be further upgraded by installing custom parts, which enhances the performance of your vehicle.

So, to acquire innumerable vehicles and enjoy racing with your friends, you should download Pixel Car Racer game now!

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