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My Story Cheats

My Story Hack – Choose Your Own Path Diamonds and Tickets Cheats

My Story: Choose Your Own Path is an amazing role-playing game where you will be masters of your own fate. The game offers a series of different stories for you to choose. These stories are of various genres such as Comedy, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, etc. The fact that makes this game stand out is that you can control the storyline, because the story progresses on the basis of choices that you make. Read the below mentioned gaming aspects, which will give you better insights into the game.




My Story: Choose Your Own Path Currencies:  


It is one of the in-game currencies, which can be used to purchase new outfits for your playable characters and can also be used to unlock new stories in the game. You can earn Diamonds in the game by leveling up or completing any achievement, but the easiest way to obtain them is by purchasing them with real money. However, with My Story: Choose Your Path Cheats you can get innumerable amount of Diamonds credited to your account with a few clicks of the mouse. The tool is comprehensible and safe to use.


It is another in-game currency, which can be used to play the locked episodes of your stories. Each story has a set of unlocked episodes that can be played for free, but if you wish to explore more then you have to unlock new episodes with Tickets. Similar to Diamonds, Tickets can be earned in the game but procuring them is a lengthy process. However, with My Story: Choose Your Path Hack, you can unlock any story that you desire. The hacking tool will let you acquire unlimited amount of Tickets. So, if you use My Story: Choose Your Path Hack then you won’t have to worry about Diamonds and Tickets as you can have bucket load of these currencies whenever needed.

Vital Features Of My Story: Choose Your Own Path Game:

Character Customization:

As every player cares about the looks of their playable character, the game My Story: Choose Your Own Path gives you complete freedom to sketch you character. You can design your playable character from scratch by choosing different character customization options such as Hair Style, Nose Shape, Eye Shape, Skin Tone, Face Shape, Hair Color, etc. You can redo the character customization as many times as you want in the game. In addition to the character customization, you can also choose lots of different outfits for your characters.


Collection Of Stories:

The game features enormous collection of engaging stories, which can be played each day. You can not only take part in these adventures, but also shape them by the decisions you make. For instance; if you make someone your friend then they may aid you later on in the game, or if you make someone your enemy then they may teach you a lesson on a later stage.

All these amazing features make My Story: Choose Your Path game a must try for those players who seek new adventure each week.


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