Modern Combat 5 Hack

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Modern combat 5 – A Complete Guide For Game Lovers!

Modern Combat 5 is a game published by the Game Loft on July 24, 2014. It is a first-person shooter that can be playing on various platforms like iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows. It's the 6 edition of the Modern combat series because the users loved the previous parts of the series and gained popularity. There are various modes available in the game where the basic plot is to save the world from being demolishing. You need to fight against the terrorists to restore the word peace. You can play in the single-player game as well as the multiplayer battles. In order to win most of the battles there is a need to collect game currencies in quick time and make right use of Modern Combat 5 hack tool. Apart from that some of the features of the game are mentioned below:


This version of the game is very much similar to the other parts of this series. But some of the features make it different from the other versions is that here the more focus is placed on the upgrading of your character. In this part, you can unlock various weapons, skills, etc. Also, there is a feature using which you can choose from 10 different soldier classes. Each one class has some specific set of weapons and armors that you can have access to. One can pick the assets by crouching over the weapons.


Modern combat five blackout version offers a unique feature of in-game currency. The various in-game currencies that are used in this game are Credits and Diamond Dust. Let's discuss them:

Credits: These credits are used by the person to purchase the supply packs and the bundles which in turn allows you to unlock many new things in the game such as weapons, armor cores, etc. These can be purchased in the real word by paying cash, or one can buy these credits in the game by watching ads or Events either.

Diamond dust: This in-game currency, one can purchase through gameplay or from the supply bundles. It is used to buy the blueprints of the weapon and other items from the black market in the game. You can also have access to the pixie dust by applying some cheat codes.


Exciting features of Modern combat 5


 Graphics of this game is the most impressive feature. Now you can take advantage of the graphics with the latest smartphones and tablets.

Spec Ops Missions

This is a new addition in this series. These are the themed missions in which you need to clear some objectives in specific ways.


As mentioned above there are different classes in the games with different specializations and powers. These four classes are as follows:

  1. Assault (consisting of rifles and pistols working efficiently at medium range.)
  2. heavy (reliable shotguns RPG's)
  3. recon ( in getting up and close with SMG's and pistols )
  4. Sniper (sniper rifles but with a correct approach one can even shot the enemy dead with a pistol

You can unlock them by the in-game currencies or either as a reward of leveling up.


There is a massive campaign in the game and with an exciting storyline. A plot is set here in which you need to fight against the terrorists.


The size of the map is adjustable. You can tap on it, and the map will display on the full screen.


This is an attack in this game. But the thing is that this method of this attack will vary randomly depending upon the situation.

Tips and tricks for a better experience in the game

Before starting the game, you will need to keep some of the tips in your mind that can provide you a better experience in the games:

  • Set the graphics the game according to your platform on which you are playing the game. So, your game runs smoothly
  • Set the controls of your game according to your game plot.
  • You can turn on the option of auto-sprint and auto-shoot so, that it would be easier for a beginner as it will automatically start shooting whenever you target fixes on an enemy.

But make sure it only works in single-player option.

These were all the facts about the game Modern Combat5. Using Modern Combat 5 cheats will also allow the gamers to make a quick progress in the game. Now that you know about the game you can download it and enjoy the experience with these excellent features.